Trail Life USA

Trail Life Troop number 1613 comes from 1 Corinthians 16:13 “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong”. This short piece of Scripture from the Apostle Paul reminds us to be watchful, in order that Satan may not oppress us, finding us off guard. Just as Satan’s warfare on us is unceasing, so must our watchfulness. It is by this theme that we want to disciple the next generation of New Life men to learn about creation and to love the Creator. Keeping our eyes fixed on our Lord Jesus Christ and not on earthy things.  
Trail Life is similar to the Boy Scouts however it has a very strong discipleship component; the boys will be trained not only in the skills of the outdoors but also be challenged and encouraged to live a life worthy of Him through which we receive our salvation.
Trail Life VT-1613 meets every other Monday (opposing the AHG’s schedule) at 6:00pm (please see our NLCC’s calendar for more details!).  
TL Year goes from September to May each year.
Check with your Contact Leaders or Troopmaster for Summer Activity details. 
Boys aged 5-18 from Central Vermont (and outward) are welcome to join!  
Connect with the Leaders via Facebook or through the Trail Life website.
You may also email the Troop’s COR, Ed Neas:  edneas@aol.com